Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week was pretty good.  We had 20 lessons and we biked a ton!  We got odometers for our bikes so now we don't have to estimate how much we biked.  We biked 51.5 miles last week.  The wind was again crazy, so every morning we stretch so we can get through that day.  I am also outside A TON so I will attach a picture of my feet and wrist.  I call this "Welcome to California Sunshine"

We had a couple meetings with the Young Women last week and they are starting to open up to us.  It's fun hanging out with them because I was in their shoes like 2 years ago :)

We also went down the hill this week and had the 4 week new missionary meeting.  We learned a lot about how to be better trainers and we talked about all the problems people are having with their companions.  I am SOOO GRATEFUL that Sister R and I get along.  There are several missionaries that do not get along...AT ALL.  Oh my companion is awesome! 

We also talked to Sister Hobbs (our Mission President's wife) about getting massages.  We talked about it for a while and we told her that we just want the one where you go into the mall and sit in the chair and someone massages your back and neck for like 15 minutes.  Sister Hobbs said that was fine, but President isn't sure about it, so they are going to call Salt Lake about it.  I'm pretty sure they won't allow it, but if they do then all you missionaries out there can thank us for asking the question :)  I really hope they say yes....we are sooo sore all the time.

Yesterday at church we learned about faith.  FAITH is the Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him.  We make decisions either because of our faith or because of our lack of faith.  W also learned that we make our own happiness.  No matter what is going on around us we can choose to be happy.  Look at Job for example.  We are "not yet as Job" so let us all stay faithful! 

Hope everyone has a great week.  Love,
Sister Moon

Sister R and I at the Rancho Cucamonga Mission Sign
Welcome to California Sunshine :)

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