Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we had 20 lessons, and made our goal of having more member present lessons than other lessons taught!  We biked about 50 miles....I don't remember what we started at this week, but on my odometer so far we have over 220 miles (in 4 weeks) so yeah those calves of steel are starting to show :)
This week we also got sick, so that was no fun.  We did service on Friday, and I think we got sick from that.  We cleaned up one of our investigator's yards and it was disgusting and dirty.  We woke up Saturday feeling awful!!  We went to our 3 appointments then got a ride home and passed out for 2 hours.  Then we attempted weekly planning.  We are starting to feel a little better, but now the Elders in our ward are sick (they helped us with the service)!!  Hopefully we can all get better soon so we can help the work progress in the Arrowhead Ward!!
Debbie got her Priesthood Blessing and hasn't smoked for 4 days now!!  She is still preparing to go to the temple.  Keep her in your prayers!  She lives with her son, and he smokes so it's tough for her all the time!  She is keeping that eternal perspective so that's great!!
We played tennis again this morning, and lost!  But this time we only lost 4-6, and we had some good games that we didn't have time to play a second set!  We're getting better...kinda.  We think we lost because we were sick :)'s a pretty good excuse :)

We also went to the Hesperia Airport that Bill (our Recent Convert) owns, and I found a plane with my name on it!!  I feel like my dad...he has a plane with his name on it!  Go Moon!!

I hope everyone has a great week.  If you can, go swimming and enjoy summer for me!!  It's hotter than heck here :) Love you guys,

Sister Moon

P.S. Teancum got plastic surgery on his toe so he's good.  I bought a new pedal and he's all fixed up!



Service at Peggy's aka Getting Sick!!

Plane with "Moon" written on it!  It's my plane!!


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