Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week was great!!  We had a very Merry Christmas!!  We had 13 lessons which is a very special number as most of you know :).  There were a lot of people that went out of town so we didn't have as many as we normally do, but this week should be better.

We did service for Linda last week, and met with her a lot.  She had her interview and she's good to go!  She is planning to get baptized this Saturday at 11:00.  She is a little worried about water getting into her ears so please pray that we'll find some good wax for her ears so she'll be baptized :)  she's really scared...

 We had a great dinner with the D's for Christmas Eve and they even read the Christmas story in German since that's their tradition.  I didn't even have to serve a foreign mission to experience that...awesome! 

We did have a great Christmas and I got to Skype with my family!!  We opened presents and guess what I got?  I got tickets for Taylor Swift's concert in September!!  I am so excited so that just made Christmas morning great...then we had breakfast with members, then we visited Linda, then we Skyped our families, then we ate Christmas dinner, then visited the nursing home, then we watched The District for 2 hours!!  What a great Christmas right?  We really did have a great week.

Oh and transfers are today, but Sister M and I are staying together in Ontario!  We are looking forward to the next 6 weeks!!  Hope everyone is prepared for the New Year.  Everyone ready to set goals?  Our gym still isn't open so I can't set any exercise goals...bummer...oh I'm heartbroken.  Have a great week!  Love,

Sister Moon

Service at Linda's
Christmas: Taylor Swift Tickets!!
Christmas orange banana breakfast
Not a good picture, but look at those matching California T-Shirts
I need a house like this, but replace Lakers with Taylor Swift

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Merry Christmas everyone!!  This past week was pretty good.  We had 18 lessons and found a new investigator!

Linda is still doing great.  She is scared about the change in her life, but she knows she needs to do it.  She has a testimony of the gospel, and she is doing great!!  She came to church yesterday and sang in the choir for our Christmas program! 

We had the opportunity to go volunteer at the Old Folks home, and we got to help them with Bingo.  Probably the funniest thing that has happened in a while.  During one of the rounds this guy won, and this old German lady (probably like 90) started yelling at the guy.  She said, "Stop cheating!!  You are looking at my card.  He doesn't deserve to win.  STOP IT.  CHEATER!!"  Oh boy, it was the greatest thing ever.  I'm surprised they let her keep playing.

We also had the opportunity to go to Rancho and have our Christmas party!  I got to see Sister Rietz!  Man I miss that sister!!  We had a great time, and we are so excited for Christmas.  3 days!!  We also sang at the Nativity scene in Ontario on Saturday.  It was so cold.  A whopping 50 degrees!  Oh man....freezing :)  We has hot coco and lots of cookies so it made it all worth it.

 And last, but certainly not least...Daniel got baptized!  He is 8 years old, and his mom just got baptized so he's not a convert, but we still taught him so it was a very special day for us!!  He is the cutest kid ever, and he is the newest member of our ward!!

 That's about it for last week.  I hope you all have a great Christmas!  Remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Who is the Gift?  Christ is the gift.  Love,

 Sister Moon

Sister R and I

Daniel at his baptism :)

The freezing sisters after we got done singing!


Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

 Last week was awesome!  We found 2 new investigators and we are excited to continue teaching them.  Linda is still doing great.  She came to church again yesterday, and really enjoyed it!  She still does not have a baptismal date, but we're shooting for January 3rd!

 We received mail this week which is awesome!  Mom sent a cute 12 days of Christmas package for my companion and I so we are enjoying opening 1 gift each day (we started on a very important day of the year...Taylor Swift's birthday...oh ummm I mean my mom's birthday)  Happy Birthday mom!!

 We had our 4 week meeting last week and the Ward Christmas Party so that was exciting!  We had a great time being able to hang out with other missionaries and the Ward members.  Our ward is so funny, which is good especially around the holidays.

 I did cut my hair this morning so that was exciting.  I didn't cut that much off...just about 6 inches.  Now maybe my hair will dry overnight...fingers crossed.

 This week is going to be full of lessons, service, and parties :)  We are looking forward to another great week.  Hope you all have a great week too.  Love,

Sister Moon

Before and after my haircut :)

My cute little Christmas tree and my 12 days of Christmas presents!

 So how much is the car wash??


Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I'M FELLIN' 22!!!!  That's right...last week we got 22 lessons!  That is a record for our ward!  We worked so hard this week and we saw sooooo many miracles.

Miracle 1: We found 3 new investigators last week!

Miracle 2: Linda (our progressing investigator) came to church yesterday and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. :)

Miracle 3: When we were teaching one of our new investigators at the library this other kid came up to us and asked what we were talking about.  He had his headphones in and he was sitting across the room, so we thought he wasn't paying attention, but he said he listened to the whole Restoration lesson.  He also said he's trying to find a church and he really wants to meet with us and learn more!!

Miracle 4: We went on Exchanges and I got to be with Sister S!  She is amazing.  We taught super well together and we get along great.

Miracle 5:  It actually rained  A LOT, and we're in a drought!

Miracle 6: Linda said she'd pray about the baptismal date of January 3rd.

Miracle 7: The Christmas Devotional was amazing. 

Miracle 8: Our recent convert's son is getting baptized on December 20th.  He's 8 so it doesn't count as a convert baptism, but we still taught him all the lessons!

Miracle 9: Sabrina came to church!

Miracle 10: Sabrina wants to be baptized so she's going to go to rehab and get better!  She's finally making progress.

Miracle 11: We were so busy that we only had time for 1 dinner this week, so I lost 1 pound :)

Miracle 12: We got to celebrate Sister B's 21st birthday.

Miracle 13: I'M FEELING 22!!!!  Woot woot


Well, that is all I have to say for today.  God is watching out for all of us.  He does answer prayers and HE LOVES US.  If you haven't had the chance to see "He is the Gift" then I would suggest watching it now.  It definitely brings in the holiday spirit.  I hope everyone ahs a great week.  Love,

Sister Moon



Sister S :)

Linda with us after we sang at the Nativity Festival



Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

 This week was pretty crazy!  We met a lot of cool people and got a lot of stuff done.  We had 14 appointments which was pretty sweet considering everyone went out of town.  We also got 3 member present lessons, which has never happened here because the members are always so busy, so that was a miracle.  Tender mercies right?

 We did have a sad story for this week.  We went to teach Joey and he was walking outside when we were walking up to his door.  He said, "Hey I have to go grab some milk for my mom, but I'll be right back".  We waited for 30 minutes and he never came back.  "Run Joey run"...that's now our theme song haha.  I guess we'll just have to find someone else to teach the gospel too :)

 We had a great lesson with Brandon this week, and he really wants to learn more.  Linda also came to church yesterday and had a great time.  They are our main 2 investigators so keep them in your prayers!

We had a great Thanksgiving on Thursday!  We had a ton of food and a ton of pie.  We had 28 pies, I believe.  We ate with our Bishop's family and they had a lot of people so we did it at the church.  It was fun, and I ate a ton.  I am grateful for a lot of things but most importantly I'm grateful for my family, temples, the doctrine and knowledge that we have knowing that families can be together forever, the scriptures, and of course Taylor Swift...whom I did hear today in the store for 5 seconds.  Tender mercies again...  Well I hope everyone has a great day.  Love you all,

Sister Moon

Pie...and lots of it.
Welcome to Ontario
The cutest family that we visit in a nursing home :)