Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

 Happy 6 months to me!!  1 year to go!!  I'll be home in 365 days from today :)  It's going by soooo quick and I'm still in my first area :)

 Well this last week was an interesting one!  We did have 20 lessons, but we only biked like 28 miles.  Why so little??  Well you see we had to get member rides have the places we went because Sister R decided to cut open her leg...

 Ok so Wednesday night Sister R was getting off her bike to get the mail and she cut her shin on the "sprocket" which is a sharp thing by the pedal haha.  It gashed quite a bit, and wouldn't stop bleeding.  We cleaned it all up in our apartment, and then called the mission nurse.  She told us we needed to go to the Urgent Care place and get stitches.  We decided that we didn't want to wait 4 hours, so we called Brother J and asked if he could do it.  He's a dentist, and he stitches up people after they get their wisdom teeth taken out, so he's certified :).  He said he'd meet us at his dental office and do it.  Brother J had me help with the cutting of the stitches for the first 2 stitches, then he had me do the stitching for the last stitch.  I'm not certified, but I did a pretty dang good job, because the stitch is still in there :).  Oh it was an eventful day.
We also found 2 new investigators this week, which was amazing because we've been praying for new people to teach!  We are still helping our investigators, and they are doing better.  We hope to get them to come to church so prayers for that would be great!  Charlie, Jackie, Peggy, Lynn, and James!!!!  Thanks.
We have been working with Charlie and he's a slow learner so we don't know if he picks up everything that we teach, but on Wednesday we talked more about baptism with him and a miracle happened.  He was talking about how he'd been to other churches and thought about getting baptized.  Then he said "but, you're church actually has the stuff to do real baptisms"...yes he was referring to the Priesthood and yes we about fell out of our chairs!  He is planning to get baptized September 6th.  He still needs to stop smoking. 

 Also, the nights have been so cool here in the High Desert.  For that reason, Sister R and I slept on the balcony a couple of nights ago.  Next time we do that, we'll bring our mattresses out because the cement is a little hard, but it was totally worth it!  Maybe we're weird, but hey we had fun :).

 Hope everyone likes blood :)  If not don't look at the pictures!  Have a great week and enjoy life!  Love,

 Sister Moon


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