Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we had 22 lessons!!!!  We worked so hard to have 22 lessons and we finally made our goal...last night.  We biked over 60 miles and walked 4 (Sister R got a flat tire so we had to walk while it was being fixed).  The wind was crazy last week; on Wednesday the gusts of wind got up to 65mph.  Try riding a bike in that.  I felt like I just kept pedaling, but got nowhere.  My calves of steel are starting to come in...I can feel it.

 Our investigators are doing well.  Jackie is planning to get baptized at the end of next month!!!!  We don't have a date yet, but the week her husband is in town she said she'll be baptized.  I'm so's getting closer.  Charlie is still trying to stop smoking, but he is coming to church and starting to understand more.  We hope he can stop smoking soon so he can get baptized.  Keep him in your prayers please.  Wendy, our Ward Mission Leader's girlfriend, is progressing too.  She is starting to ask some really good questions and is praying about the Book of Mormon.  We hope to be able to follow the Spirit next time we teach her and answer all her questions.  She is awesome.

Remember to always be grateful for the trials we have.  I have been frustrated with not having a car, but on Sunday someone said something that caught my attention.  They said, "The stars are always there, but we only notice them when it's dark".  How true is that?  I'm so blessed, but sometimes my world needs to get a little dark for me to realize how blessed I really am.  Overall I'm doing pretty good.  Biking is hard, but it's also good exercise.  Sister Rietz and I get along great and we talk while we ride our bikes so at least it's not super boring :)  We even biked up the Newhall Hill this week...the whole way!  Normally we walk up half of it so that was an accomplishment!

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  I love and miss you guys,

Sister Moon

 So there are shopping carts everywhere!!!!  We decided to have a little fun instead of exercising.

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