Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


This week was alright.  Sister R leg got infected because we "biked too much" apparently.  We waited in Urgent Care for over 5 hours, and finally talked to a doctor for like 2 minutes, and she wrote a prescription then said goodbye.  Oh well.  She is taking antibiotics so that's good.  We did have 18 lessons this week.  We biked about 30 miles...yeah we should probably take it a little easy.

We did go on exchanges this week.  This was the best exchange I've been on.  I still hate exchanges, but our new Sister Training Leaders are pretty nice.  I went with Sister C (a different Sister C) to Silver Lakes.  We had a good time teaching together AND I got to ride in a car!!!! SWEEEET!!!!

 We played tennis again this morning against members in our ward.  We totally beat them today!  6-4!!!!  This is the first time we've beat them.  It was super fun!  I'm so glad Sister R plays tennis because we are having tons of fun doing that.

Charlie (Investigator) is still progressing, and he is smoking half of what he was a month ago.  And Debbie (Less Active) is struggling to stop smoking.  They could both use prayers!  They are both awesome, and I can't wait for them to receive the blessings that come from living the gospel.

Hope everyone has a great week!  Love,

Sister Moon



The tradition continues!  (burning something every 6 months!)
Sister C and I after exchanges

Tennis with the J's!  We played the parents.

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