Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

Last week was pretty average.  We contacted a lot of people, and made several appointments for this week.  Hopefully we will find new investigators this week!  We did have 11 lessons last week, and we have several progressing investigators.  

Stacey and Brittany still want to be baptized on June 27th, but are still working through some problems.  Prayers for them would be great.

Joe, our Jewish investigator, came to church and there's no way he didn't feel the Spirit, even though we were in a church and not a synagogue.  Testimony meeting is the best!

Well, since I don't have much else to say I have some interesting quotes for you!  Gotta love California Crazies!

"Samoans and Tongans are different!" -Bishop Smith  
"Yeah, but they're from the same tribe of Israel so it doesn't matter!" -Brother Caldwell

"I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior, but I also believe He is a false prophet." -Joe

"My sister got a duck at the Chino Swap Meet." - Roy

"Why do you have some much old furniture?" -Me 
"My mother passed away, but right before she passed she said, 'If you love me you'll take care of my furniture'" - Sister Frank

"You can come back and we can have a beer." -Random guy on the street 
"We don't drink.  Thanks though." -Me 
"I can show ya.  It's really quite fun."  *smiles real big with approximately 2.5 teeth left*

Have a great week, and pray I don't get transferred!  Love,
Sister Moon


People have the weirdest things in their yards....

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