Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week was AMAZING!  We only taught 8 lessons, but we had one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had on my mission, so it was all worth it!

We taught the Plan of Salvation to Brittany and Ryan.  The Plan of Salvation is my favorite lesson to teach and this is why...  Families can be together forever and this is the plan that allows that to happen!  As we taught, the Spirit was so strong and you could tell everyone in that room was about to start crying.  Brittany said, "I didn't know I could believe everything I believed about science and still have a religion.  This totally makes sense.  I'm definitely getting baptized now!".  We asked when they thought they would be prepared to be baptized.  Ryan said, "Do we have to finish the Book of Mormon before we get baptized?"  "No, you just have to have a testimony of it."  "Oh well I have that...let's do it next week".  Brittany and Ryan are amazing!!  I am so excited for them to get baptized.  We still have a few things to work through, but I'm sure they will be ready soon!

We also had 5 investigators at church yesterday, which is more than I've had in any other ward I've been in, so that was a great miracle!

And one more miracle:  We were walking around this apartment complex and talking with people that we saw.  We were turning to go to a different building when we saw this guy walking on the sidewalk, but he was pretty far away from us.  We didn't want it to be awkward so we decided to just go to the other building.  Then I felt this really strong feeling that we should talk to him.  That is what we call the Spirit!  We pretended to be lost and turned around, looked at our map, and walked towards him to ask if he he knew where  #44 was.  He helped us out, then we started talking about the church.  He told us he was baptized, but hadn't been active in 10 years.  He invited us to come over in 2 weeks to go back over the missionary lessons with him and help get him more active!

Have a great week.  Stay cool!  Love,
Sister Moon

Brother and Sister P.  His brother's name is Boyd!!!!  But not Boyd K.  :/
The N's and Jeri
Am I not turtle-y enough for the turtle club.  Turtle.  Turtle. Turtle.

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