Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am staying in the AL Ward for my last transfer, and I'm staying with Sister M.  I am very excited to stay in this ward and can't wait to see more miracles!

Last week was alright.  We did have a minor problem, BUT it ended in a miracle!  We were doing some service for this older couple (pulling weeds), when suddenly I jumped up as high as I could in the air.  Why did I jump up you might ask?  Well, you see I stepped on a nail and it went straight through my shoe and into my foot!  As I jumped up the board with the nail was still connected to my shoe.  After some help from the other missionaries we made it safely to the bathroom where I was bandaged up by a sweet old lady and given some delicious cookies.  We called the mission office and told them what happened, and they said I needed to get a tetanus shot because the last shot I got was in 2005.  We started getting ready to go when they called back and said they talked to my mom and she found a record saying I got a tetanus shot in 2014!  Miracle moment!!!!  No doctor for me!!!!

Other than that fun adventure, everything else has been the same.  Brittany and Stacey are still progressing toward baptism.  Keep them in your prayers.  Joe is doing well too.  He started reading the Book of Mormon so that is a step in the right direction!

Hope everyone is staying cool!  Love you all.

Sister Moon

Last transfer's district...which has now been disbanded :(
There's a hole in my foot...

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