Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,


Last week was CRAZY!  We had a lot of interesting things happen!  We did teach 16 lessons though so that was a blessing.


We also had to drop our top investigator because he told Sister M that he was in love with her.  We told him that we couldn't ever come back to his house because that was very inappropriate.  We told him that the Elders could teach him, but he said he wasn't interested.  It's sad to see how that all went down, but it was an answer to our fast because we wanted to know what to do with him.  Now we know.


We also received a call from a member that lives in the A mission.  Her name was Tri (pronounced Tree), and she asked us if we could help out at a funeral.  We were asked to serve food at 2:00.  We showed up at the park and waited and waited.  Finally at 4:00 the people from the funeral showed up.  Everyone asked what we were doing there.  We awkwardly told them we were there to help serve food.  We waited for 20 minutes until Tri showed up.  Well guess what?  It just so happens that Tri was their limo driver and she wasn't even invited to this dinner.  It was a family gathering that she wanted to go to so she invited us to make it look like she was in charge of the food.  Oh my goodness.  That was the worst experience ever.  Now every time I see a tree I can't help but get upset.  Ugh.


Last week we also went on exchanges.  I got to be with the other Sister M that I served with in H so that was exciting!  We got to talk about the good 'ole days. 


Other than that we are just struggling with helping our investigators to progress.  Prayers for that would be great!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week.  Love,

Sister Moon



MM M- sandwich

Happy 13 Months :)

Linda asked us to take a letter to the post office for her.  She said it was very important that it got to where it was going.  It was a little bit heavier than a normal letter so she put a lot of stamps on it to make sure it was enough :)  CRAZY



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