Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Last week was interesting.  We've been doing a lot of changing up who we're working with.  Some people aren't progressing so we've dropped them.  We did have a great zone meeting and President and Sister Hobbs joined us.  We learned a lot about how to improve our studies, so we have been working on that.  I just think our studies will get even better when we have iPads, but that's never going to happen soooo I guess we'll just deal with what we have now. 

 We were able to teach the Tullos family the Plan of Salvation and the lesson went great!!  Brandon, one of the teenagers, didn't have any questions the entire time, until the end.  We told him that murderers would go to the telestial kingdom and he said, "So if all the murderers go there then does that mean they will all kill each other until there aren't any people left in that kingdom?"  Most random question, but hey at least he was paying attention :)
We also rode bikes for the first time in a while last week.  We rode about 9 miles on Saturday.  We were doing pretty well until we were about .2 miles from our apartment when Sister Martinez decided to bite a chunk out of the concrete.  She totally flew off her bike...I heard a scream and I turned around...sure enough there she was on the ground.  Luckily the only thing that got hurt was her pride.  Good times.
Other than that this week has been pretty average.  It was cold last week so that's wasn't fun :(.  Hope everyone is staying warm and having a good 'ole time.  Love,

Sister Moon

 P.S.  My toe is doing just fine.


It got so cold last week this is what I felt like doing.  It was in the low 50's...what the heck?

 Also I found the key to love!!!!  It's called missionary work :)


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