Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Well last week was pretty exciting!  Sister R and I were together for only 2 days and....she got the flu so we didn't even get to do missionary work :(.  But we got to catch up on everything, so that was a blessing!  Then on Wednesday we met our new companions.

My new companion's name is Sister M and she's from Ohio!  We are excited to stay in the  MV Ward and are already experiencing miracles, so that is such a blessing!  She has such a desire to serve so we are planning on working hard this transfer. 

Karla and John got married last week so now they aren't "living in sin"!  Yeah for that!  John is still planning to get baptized on April 25th.  Please keep them in your prayers as they are still struggling with smoking.  They are progressing, and are planning on stopping soon!  They just need that extra support and help that prayers bring :).

Pedro is still being creepy, and the Elders are still teaching him.  We asked President H what we should do with him.  And this is what he said, "The elders need to follow the spirit with Pedro. But the Sisters need to stay far, far away."  Haha I love it! 

Other than a bunch of changes, last week was pretty good!  Hope everyone is staying warm.  I know I am :)  Love you all,

Sister Moon

Sickly Sister R and I with Ginger Ale and Saltines.  What a scrumptious meal :)

Sister M, my new companion

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