Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015

Sister M and I are both staying in O in the MV Ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are excited to stay in this ward because it is AMAZING.  We are planning to do so much work this transfer!
Our investigator Brandon is moving this week, but he asked us if we could hook him up with some missionaries in Santa Monica because he wants to keep coming to church.  I say he'll be baptized in a few months!!  We did teach the best lesson ever to him about the Plan of Salvation.  The Spirit was SOOO strong.  Sister M and I both started crying during the closing prayer when Brandon explained that he'd been wondering about some questions but he didn't ask us because he didn't think anyone knew the answers, but he got all the answers to his questions during the lesson.  MIRACLE! 

We had 20 lessons last week. We basically had a pretty normal week, so I'll share some of my favorite quotes from this week.  We meet a lot of interesting people here in California...

 1. "Matthew if you don't put that down I'm going to throw this salad dressing at you!"  -Our Ward Mission Leader to his special needs son

2. "My stove is broken!  That's why my meatloaf was dryer than heck!" -70 year old woman

3. "I don't even get stoned anymore, but if I did...I'd be trippin out on these plants." -Less Active

4. "I told my husband if he ever cheated on me I'd beat him the head with a baseball bat.  So far he's done good." -87 year old woman

5. "Do you smell flowers?"  "What?"  "Ok fine...it's marijuana....but don't worry it's medical.  Take a deep whiff" -Crazy Lady

6. "Sir can I get you to sign right here"- Me volunteering at the Food Bank  "Last time I did that I ended up in the U.S. Army...7 years I was in the U.S. Army..." -Crazy man

7. "Oh he doesn't live here anymore?  Well, do you have a forwarding address for him?"  -Sister Martinez and I  "Try...JAIL"- The less active's mom that we were trying to find

8. "That blessing was trippy" -Less Active who received a Priesthood blessing before surgery

9. "Sisters, if you ever see the lady I visit teach tell her she owes me money!  She better pay me back.  If not I'm gonna set my boys on her." -Active Lady :/

10. "The address is 718 E J street...then it's what the kids call a hashtag now-a-days then 18B" -Really old lady that apparently thought we didn't know it used to be a number sign.

11. "So what does unrealistic mean?...ohhh so it's like telling someone they look like a cow but really they're a human?" -A Tongan sister that's trying to learn English :)

12. "I graduated high school 55 years ago....oh wait...not that long ago...it was only 45 years ago...I'm not that old...haha" -A sister in our ward who really graduated high school 65 years ago, but we didn't want to be the bearer of bad news so we let her think it was 45 years ago :)

13. I'm taking this new medication.  I'm in so much pain....oh where's my baby??  Oh there's my cat..." -A Lady who is apparently taking "new medication"


So that is basically what missionary work is like...you get to have super amazing lessons like the one we had with Brandon then you spend the rest of your time talking to crazy people, but it's the best!  Have a great week.  Love,

Sister Moon




The District

Ward Volleyball Night

Brandon aka coolest investigator ever

The snake kept moving so we couldn't get a good picture...


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