Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


I am in ONTARIO!  Transfers were today so I don't really know much about anything, but I'm sure it'll be great!  My companion is Sister M, and she's from Tonga.  She seems really sweet, and she's a convert to the church.  I am excited to be down the hill...I see green and trees and weird stuff like that.  ALSO, great news....SISTER S is my SISTER TRAINING LEADER :)  I am so excited, it's crazy!  This is only my 2nd area so I'm excited to get to work!


This past week was good.  I had to say goodbye to a lot of people so it was sad, but I just know I'll go back and visit so I'll be back there soon enough.  I will really miss the members in the A Ward, but I'm sure the MV Ward is great! 


We even had a great birthday celebration before I left Hesperia.  Sister Lewis put together a great b-day party for Elder O (October 6th) Sister R (October 11th) and me (October 12th).  It was so fun...I am going to miss everyone!


Conference was also really amazing!  I just love how we can pray and find answers in Conference.  I had a question: "What Christ-like attribute should I work on most so I can be the best missionary and future mother?"  I prayed about this question and went to Conference seeking an answer.  A lot of the speakers spoke about The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That's not really an attribute, but I figured I could take that as my answer, because it was something I could work on.  Then today President Hobbs spoke to us all and he said, "Elders and Sister I need you to know one thing.  If you live the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will develop all the Christ-like attributes".  That was not a coincidence!  The Lord does answer prayers, and He does love us, and He does want what's best for us!  Instead of having to work on one attribute the Lord needs me to work on ALL of them... :)


I hope everyone has a great week.  Next time you hear from me I won't be 19...I'll be a mature 20 year old....WHATTT???  That's right mom and dad...you're getting old.  Love you all,


Sister Moon



Birthday PARTAYYY  (yes there are 61 candles in that cake.  Olsen is turning 21 and R and I are turning 20 )

Birthday Party again...

My new companion Sister M



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