Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


Uh-oh!  Guess what day it is?


Guess what DAY…IT…IS??????  


Huh? Anybody?


It’s HUMP DAY!!!! 


Yep, I'm halfway there!  I will be home in 9 months from today.  It seems like it's gone by really fast and really slow at the same time.  There are still things I want to do so I better hurry up!


So last week was pretty good.  We had 11 lessons, and we found 2 new investigators.  2 weeks ago I felt impressed to go talk to this lady (after we had already gotten in the car).  I said no yes no yes...and eventually decided to just go say hello.  We did and turns out she doesn't speak English.  It was so awkward and I was wondering why I felt impressed to talk to her.  Then a 10 year old comes out of the house and we start talking to her.  She said she wants to learn about Jesus Christ so we set up an appointment to meet with her and her mom.  We met with them last week and they are interested so we are going back this week to teach them another lesson.  God does have His hand in this work.


Another miracle:  We were flipping through the ward list and calling random Less Actives to see if we could set up an appointment.  We called the N.s and they answered the phone (that's a miracle in itself)  then they invited us over for a lesson.  We had a great lesson with them and they said they want to feed us a meal.  We gave them our phone number and they said they'd call us.  We didn't hear from them for a few days so we figured we'd call them.  We looked at the ward list and they don't have a phone number listed...I am not sure how we got their phone number to call them the first time, but I do know that there was a reason we were supposed to, so God made it possible.  I do have a testimony that "with God all things are possible". 


Last week I also got to go see Stephanie get baptized and all the missionaries that taught her sang "Nearer my God to Thee" and it was beautiful (despite my awful singing voice).  It was amazing to see her get baptized by her husband!  Oh this week was full of miracles!


That's about it for now.  Everyone have a great week!  Love,

Sister Moon




I beat Elder C. in Tennis even though he was wearing a Taylor Swift shirt...another miracle

Stephanie's baptism



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