Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was pretty successful!  We had 13 lessons and you know why that's a good number.  #TaylorSwift  We did find 2 new investogators that live in our apartment complex.  We saw them moving 2 weeks ago and asked if they needed help.  They said yes!  And then we helped them and talked about the church, and they said we could come back.  Last week we went back and taught the Restoration!  They want us to come back.  Oh yeah!
We were also told to get flu shots so we got flu shots.  Apparently you can go to Walmart and get those done.  Who would've thought?  Not me.  But if I get sick then I'm blaming Walmart!  It took 2 hours to get it done, but our zone finished first so President Hobbs is buying us ice cream!! 

We met up with Ed last week and checked up on his reading.  We figured he'd have read the Introduction and a few chapters of 1 Nephi, but guess what!?  He's in Mosiah 2.  He is flying through the Book of Mormon!!  He is doing so well.  He said he really liked it and it's helping him get through some stuff he's going through.  The Book of Mormon is true and I know it can help anyone with what they're going through.  I've experienced that and I've helped others to feel that too.  It really does work.

We also went on a hike for a zone activity so that was exciting!  Mount Baldy...great times. 

 Well, tonight is a special night because Stephanie is getting baptized and I get to go back to Hesperia!!  I'm pretty excited!  It's going to be great.  I hope everyone has a super fantastic week and all goes well.  Love,

 Sister Moon

Weird Truck we saw haha
Flu Shot


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