Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

 Last week was so AMAZING.  The best news is that my brother got his mission call and he's going to the ROCHESTER NEW YORK mission!!  He will leave May 20th which means I will miss seeing him by about 2 months, but that means I just have to wait 22 months when I get home :) and we all know 22 is a great number!

 We had 23 lessons this week so we were super excited about that!  We committed Pedro to baptism on March 21st and he accepted.  We have a lot more teaching to do, but he came to church twice and he really likes it.  His wife came yesterday too, so we are planning to set a date with her this week.

 We also had Zone Conference last week so I got to hang our with my buddies, Sister R and Sister M.  It was a great meeting, and we talked a lot about the Spirit.  We learned how the Spirit works more and then we were able to really fell the Spirit last week during our lessons. 

 We taught Sabrina the Restoration and the Spirit definitely guided the lesson.  We usually tell the shortened version of the "First Vision" which I have memorized and it's really easy to say, but for some reason during the lesson I couldn't remember the shortened version.  I kept saying the longer version in my head, and I couldn't remember the short version for the life of me. I decided that maybe I should just say the longer version.  That's what I did, and we ended up talking about how Joseph Smith struggled and had to go through trials (which is the part that is taken out of the shortened version), and then he was able to receive his answer.  We talked about how that is basically what she's going through at the moment and the Spirit was so strong.  It was the best lesson ever.

Have a great week!  Love,
Sister Moon


The Costa Family

Sister Shelby and Sister Boudreau

My favorite investigator, Lynette


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