Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 16, 2015

Dear family and Friends,

 This week is going great so far.  We got to go to the temple this morning which was AMAZING.  If you ever want to feel the Spirit to its max then go to the temple!  Everyone is so nice and helpful, so I can't wait till heaven because it will feel like that all the time!  But don't worry I'm not planning on dying anytime soon...

Today is our P-day so I won't be back until January 26th so I'll probably have more to say then, but until then I will just share a story with you.  

Once upon a time we had over 600 people on our ward list and no one knew who 300 of them were.  We decided that we would see if we could verify everyone's address.  Well it's been about 2 months now and we are down to 5 people that haven't yet been verified.  We have been working hard!  I may or may not have lifted Sister M up so she could peek into some windows to see if anyone lived there.  We may or may not have tricked the mailman into showing us someone's mail.  We may or may not have called their parents to see if they still lived there.  We may or may not have looked at people's packages by their doorstep.  We may or may not have helped our Ward Mission Leader Facebook stalk people.  But, the point is that we only have 5 people to go!!  It's been a good week.


Talk to you all later.  Love,


Sister Moon



Sister T and I

 Zone Temple Trip


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