Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was amazing!  We had 23 lessons and found 7 new investigators!!!!  We rode about 34 miles this week on our bikes, and really followed the promptings of the Spirit!

On Saturday we had a cancelled appointment and then a service project that got cancelled, so we had 3 hours that we needed to fill up with something productive.  We decided to go up the big hill and try to visit some Less Actives.  We usually go up the Jenkins hill, but I felt that we should go up the Newhall hill.  We talked about it and then decided to go up the Newhall hill.  On the top of the hill there was this man watering his lawn.  His name is Al.  We started talking to him, and he said he asked God for a sign because he didn't know what path he should go down in his life.  We talked about how we could help him, and teach him more about God.  We taught the Restoration and he's really interested.  We talked again with him yesterday, and answered all the questions he had.  He is so awesome!

Also, there is this family in our Ward, the Johnson's (who have a daughter on a mission in the Philippines), who have someone (Jerry) that they really want us to teach, but they were having trouble getting him interested.  Jerry's daughter-in-law is Filipina and so is Sister S!  We talked about him and decided that we needed to teach him and his wife, Ellen.  We told the Johnson's that we would make Filipino food for them, and they should invite Jerry and Ellen to eat with us.  We did that last night, and then taught the Restoration to them, and they want to read the Book of Mormon and learn all they can about the church.  We will meet with them again on Thursday.  We all had a great time, and ate a ton of delicious food!  Everyone was happy :)

Two weeks, we extended the baptismal date of May 10th for Bill, and he said he didn't think he would be ready.  He promised to pray about it though.  We know he is ready, and we've been working with him for forever!  We were getting a little frustrated because we had to keep moving the date, but we decided when we met with him on Friday that we would just listen to what he had to say and follow the Spirit.  Usually he will give excuses for why he isn't ready and we'd explain why we knew he was ready, but we decided this time to just listen.  When we sat down with Bill, he looked at us and simply said, "May 10th is going to work for me.  I'm ready."  Sister S and I basically freaked out.  We are so excited for Saturday!!!!!!!!!

Those are probably the three coolest stories from this week.  We are having a blast being together in the A Ward and we're working hard!  We will only be together for 4 more weeks so we need to enjoy every minute of it!  It's not necessarily easy, but it's totally worth it.  I don't remember who said this, but it's one of my favorite quotes: "I know the Lord has a plan for me.  It's not always easier, but it's always better."  That is so true.  We don't grow if we aren't challenged.  I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the tender mercies the Lord blesses you with. 


Sister Moon


Pictures: A huge pinecone!

Me, Sister S, the J's and Ellen.  (Jerry refuses to have his picture taken)


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