Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was filled with service.  We did about 9 hours of hula-hoeing and digging up trees!!  Let me tell you: I'm getting stronger!  The weather last week was really hot and super windy, which was good and bad.  It was nice to have a breeze, but our piles of weeds just blew everywhere.  Oh well.  We had 19 lessons this week, which isn't that bad since we did so much service. 

We had a couple bumps in the road as well.  We met with Charlie and taught him about Tithing and Fast Offerings.  He said that he would never be willing to pay tithing so he doesn't want to get baptized anymore.  We will go back and talk with him, and hopefully he will understand the blessings that the Lord is willing to give him if he obeys this law.  Please keep praying for Charlie. 

We also had a good discussion with Jerry and Ellen at the Johnson's house.  We ate dinner with all them and then we had apple pie for dessert.  Jerry made the pie and he put an "S" and an "M" on it to dedicate the pie for S and Moon.  It was so sweet.  He's super nice, and he makes us pie or cookies every time we visit him.  He's retired so he says that's all he likes to do.  I'm totally fine with it because he's a great cook.

Part of missionary work is to strengthen the members, so we have decided that we are going to help the Young Women out.  We are going to start going on walks with them at night when we don't have an appointment, so we can just talk with them.  Most of them are really struggling so we want to see if we can help them turn their lives around.  The teenagers in California are pretty bad examples for the member's so we need to help them stay strong.  Since we are young we figured we could relate to them, so we'll see what happens.  Pray for them...and us :/

Well that's about it.  Hope everyone has a great week!  Love,

Sister Moon


The oldest of our Ward missionaries :)  The Taylor's

Service!  Yes we filled that entire trashcan!


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