Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was awesome!  Conference week is always awesome!  We taught 23 lessons this week, and found 1 new investigator.  We also did some more service for Sister H (the 80 something year old).  We raked, hula hoed, trimmed bushes, and dug up dead bushes.  Oh it was quite the day.  We had 2 cancelled appointments Thursday morning so we went and helped Sister H for over 2 hours!  We were so sore the next day.  I also finished the Book of Mormon yesterday and in case anyone was's still true!
We taught Bill this week and he agreed to get baptized on April 19th!!!!  We will continue to work with him to make sure he's ready.  He's a great guy, so it should be good.  :)
We had our District Meeting on Tuesday morning.  We began with a song and a prayer and announcements, like normal.  Then Elder S was in charge of giving a training.  He went up and said this is a very unique training that you will only get once on your mission, then he pulled out an IPAD from his backpack.  He said our mission is now getting IPADS.  He told us everything about it.  He said we will get it next month because they are letting the District Leaders and Zone Leaders have them first.  He explained exactly what we would be able to do on them, and if we keep all the rules we can take it home with us when we leave!!!!  This training went on for 15 minutes!!!!  Then he said, "Oh yeah and I forgot one last thing...April Fools".  You can imagine how excited everyone was.  We were all freaking out, only to have our dreams crushed by Elder Swan.  I will admit that was the best April Fools joke. 
We also went on exchanges on Wednesday.  I stayed in Arrowhead with Sister Cook while Sister Soleta went to Silver Lakes with Sister P.  We had a pretty great day.  It was super cold and windy, but luckily we didn't have to tract because we kept busy and had 4 lessons.  Sister C is really smart so we had a great Companion Study, but she is really shy and quiet so I'm glad to have Sister S back!  Sister S and I know how to have fun :)
Friday was a rough day.  We came out of a lesson, and my tire, on my bike,was flat.  We went to the closest member's house and pumped it up and rode as fast as we could to Brother G's house and he patched it up.  We thought everything was good, so we went to our next lesson.  After we talked with Liz we started to head home for dinner.  When we got halfway home my tire went completely flat.  We called Brother G, but he didn't answer so we called Brother R.  He came and picked us up and told us that he'd have it fixed in the morning.  He's such a great guy!  In the morning we went to pick it up and apparently when Brother G put the patched tube back in he pinched it so that's why it went flat so fast.  The tube was not patchable, so Brother R bought me a new tube that morning!  He's awesome.  I'm so glad we have men that know stuff about bikes in our ward!  Hopefully this tube will be better than the last one.  This week is supposed to be in the 80's so we should be riding like crazy!
And of course the best part of the week was Conference.  I will share some of my favorite quotes with you.  I won't share all of them though, so I encourage everyone to watch or re-watch General Conference!!
"It's a narrow path, but it can be successfully traveled" - Jeffrey R. Holland
"Love what the Lord loves.  We do this by being a disciple" - Ronald A. Rasband
"Coupled with prayer, the Book of Mormon gives power to strengthen families" - Linda S. Reeves
"Don't let whirlwinds drag you down. This is your day to stand.  Follow more diligently his commandments" - Neil L. Andersen
"Faith is the anecdote for fear" - Russell M. Nelson
"Don't become overwhelmed with trivial things.  Learn simple things.  Righteously influence others...He [Jesus Christ] taught, served, and loved others.  That's what we need to do.  He invited us to follow His perfect example. - Richard G. Scott
"Being grateful in our circumstances is an act of faith in God" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"There is no physical pain or weakness that the Savior did not experience first.  The Son of God perfectly knows how we feel.  He has perfect empathy.  He can extend to us his arm of mercy.  He can help us be more than we could ever be without Him.  - David A. Bednar
Hope everyone has a great week!  Love,
Sister Moon
Making Filipino food
Sister C and I
Helping out Sister H and the "fruits of our labor"- lots of sticks and weeds.
And Bill


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